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Home Of Salsa Dancing All Over The World

Welcome to SalsaCrazy, home of Salsa Dancing all over the world!

salsa dance san francisco bay area, salsa classes, salsa clubsSalsaCrazy is the world's premier salsa dancing website. Founded in 1996, SalsaCrazy is an all-encompassing, international salsa dance guide promoting salsa dance in over 40 countries around the world.

As our first instructor told us, "It will change your life". Give dancing a try and you'll find a vibrant world of fantastic people, exciting nightlife, and perhaps a side of yourself you've always wanted to set free.

Founded in San Francisco, SalsaCrazy still maintains its local roots and flavor, dedicated to making San Francisco a world class salsa dance destination, we set the standard by which all other cities are judged. Dance & Music in San Francisco is alive, well, & completely SalsaCrazy!

SalsaCrazy's never ending mission, to reach out to everyone, even those whom have never heard the music, nor danced a step in their lives; to show the world how easy and fun dancing can be, and to prove that you (yes, YOU), can do it too! Dance can, and should, be enjoyed by everyone... With fantastic music, a rich history, and an unbeatable, intoxicating, rhythms - it's good to be SalsaCrazy. You will get it. We guarantee it!

http://www.salsadancedvd.com/images/studitense.jpgSalsaCrazy is a definitive guide to salsa dancing. Providing instructional salsa dance videos for all skill levels via DVD (at all major retail outlets) as well as it's online salsa dance school, Salsa BootCamp, the most popular dance school online, SalsaCrazy has a far reaching appeal. What was once just a passion for Evan Margolin has turned into San Francisco's largest dance school, the world's most popular DVD series, and several dozen web sites fueling the worldwide salsa dance craze. With a goal of helping beginner dancers learn the joy of salsa dancing, Margolin has created a suite of fantastic opportunities to get people out on the dance floor.

DanceSF is the premiere salsa dance school in the San Francisco Bay area, which is staffed by internationally recognized salsa instructors. Learn to Dance Salsa is a 5-set DVD collection with over 10 hours of dance instruction that's guaranteed to turn any beginner into a dance aficionado in just minutes.

Founded in 1996, SalsaCrazy.com is dedicated to offering the finest instructional dance videos on the market. By using a tested and proven method of fun, step by step instruction techniques, the videos available on SalsaCrazy.com lead students through a carefully planned series of exercises on their path to becoming accomplished dancers. The library of videos covers an extensive range of dancing styles that allow students to comfortably enjoy a new world of exciting people, vibrant nightlife and incredible music. or an extensive range of instructional dance videos designed to show anyone how to salsa, swing dance, waltz or perform other popular dancing styles.

SalsaCrazy, Inc.
3701 Sacramento Street, #416
San Francisco, CA  94118
(877) 507-3403

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